Aircraft Composite Design

Optimizing weight and cost using composite materials and design for manufacturing

COLLABORATIVE APPROACH to Your Aircraft Composite Design

Working as an extension of your design and engineering team, we assist you in generating composite part design solutions that meet your performance needs at lower cost and weight.

Enhance your design and boost the efficiency of new composite components and the redesign of existing parts with polyketone (PAEK) composites from TxV. Our aircraft composite collaborative engineering process includes a stage-gated development methodology that de-risks your project and accelerates your timeline – giving you a competitive edge.

Stage 1: Analyze and define critical performance requirements

Combine your aircraft composite design requirements with our intimate knowledge of PAEK composite performance and manufacturing know-how. Together, we can modify your composite part design to leverage new materials and process technologies. Without the limitations of legacy solutions, discover new concepts not previously thought possible with composite materials in aerospace design.

Stage 2: Build initial design model

Analytical models help us screen the concept design(s) – indicating whether the component will meet key performance requirements. This data will be communicated in a formal aircraft composite design review with you, focusing on verifying that your key performance parameters have been achieved.

Stage 3: Design optimization

Finally, we go into an Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process in an AS9145-compliant environment. This highly collaborative step allows us to optimize the aircraft composite design for performance and manufacturability – helping to drive down cost, weight and cycle time.

Composite Materials in Aerospace Design: SFS intec Case Study

SFS intec leverages TxV's composite engineering services to re-engineer an aircraft bracket in high-performance thermoplastic to achieve valuable weight and cost savings within the quality and price-sensitive air transportation industry.
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Composite parts and assemblies for high-volume commercial aerospace applications

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Combining world-class expertise in materials & manufacturing to deliver composite parts at the pace, rate, and scale needed for commercial aerospace.

Aerospace Quality Composite Materials in Aerospace Design

AS9100 Certified Quality Management System

AS9100 Certified Quality Management System

TxV Aero Composites has received AS9100 certification for our quality management system. Meeting the requirements of these globally adopted benchmarks demonstrates a commitment to producing composite parts of the highest quality for the commercial aerospace industry.
AS9100 Certificate of Registration

TxV Quality Policy

TxV Aerospace Composites realizes Customer Satisfaction by:

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  • Meeting or exceeding all customer requirements
  • Realizing quality objectives
  • Pursuing continual improvement